Over the years I’ve been experimenting with encaustic and mixed media on panels.

I am creating colorful new images from paper the following three ways:

  1. by applying a solvent to magazine paper; once the solvent is brushed on, the magazine is closed and pressed. After a few minutes each page is separated and allowed to dry. The pages that appeal to me are then digitally copied and saved.
  2. by using wax-infused paper towels (left over from cleaning the griddle used to melt the wax),
  3. by making digital copies of decollage/acrylic paintings.

In each technique the resulting rich paper imagery is what guides me as to placement on the panel. It may be one piece or many from the same paper. Once that is decided, encaustic is used to seal the paper and create depth and luminosity.

Click an image for larger view.

all dimensions are in inches